When searching for your new home, 60% of Americans in 2017 stated that location trumped the home they were looking to purchase. Especially if you have or are planning on having children, the space in which your family will grow up can have great influences on who your kids become as they grow older. All you need to do is think about those Harlem New York days where your parents and grandparents used to grow up as drug addicts or alcoholics simply because that was the neighbourhood they knew. Well, in 2018 the perspective on where you live has shifted and has taken a heightened need towards knowing what they’re getting into before they make a down-payment on their mortgage.


When Brad Roemer and his team are consulting potential homebuyers, he always recommends that they test out the neighbourhood they wish to look into purchasing a home in by spending a day or two in an Airbnb. Perhaps choose a Friday and Saturday so that you can get a feel for a week day along with the weekend. How noisy is your neighbourhood? Do you feel safe when you’re walking alone at night from the local grocery store to your home? How about when you get off the bus? Now imagine your children in that same position, would you be ok with them going forward with it?


The main reason that Brad Roemer ensures that his clients are aware of what they are getting into before they make the deal is because he wants complete customer satisfaction. He’s smart, understanding that word-of-mouth spreads fast concerning the top Oakland real estate agent in a city where households aren’t plenty. A new tactic to find out what’s being said about your home without having to actually displace yourself is through Trulia, the well-known universal real estate site. It is now beta-testing the option to know exactly “What Locals Say” about the neighbourhood you’ve been researching. While the testing is only going on in large metropolitan cities such as New York City and Boston. Brad Roemer tried out the app in another city, Boston, and found the understatement of the year when over 90% of locals stated that their suburban area was dog-friendly. Turns out that the neighbourhood has a dog bakery (can you believe that this is such a thing? We want our own cookies!), cafes with cats and dogs roaming around and a few dog parks spared around the neighbourhood. Items such as whether or not the participants in the test would walk around alone at night were integrated to take care of the safety measure.

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