Laminate flooring was invented 35 years ago, offering long-lasting durability and beauty. It comes in a variety of colours, plank lengths, thicknesses and textures.

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Textured laminate flooring is basically so called because of how it feels beneath your feet. There are different textured designs within a style; for example, wood texture laminate flooring is very diverse, with some having a synchronised wood appearance and others a ridged appearance. It is the most natural looking of all laminate flooring and is available in a variety of designs with the wood grain visible.


Smooth laminate flooring has a soft satin finish with no deep grain texture. It has a shiny appearance, is easy to keep clean, and will look good in any room.

High gloss

High gloss laminate flooring is smooth, with no ridges or indents, and is designed to make your room look classy and modern. It will require regular cleaning to keep it looking shiny, as every mark will show up easily.

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With a vast variety of flooring options, it is difficult to make the right choice; for example, there is laminate flooring made of thin pressed wood boards, solid wood flooring, or engineered wood flooring made of plywood topped with a fine hardwood veneer. An engineered flooring company such as can supply longer and wider planks, giving dimensional stability and strength.

Whichever your choice, laminate flooring has an expected lifespan of 15 to 25 years depending on the amount of traffic it receives.


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