Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion

Saying that you do not like animals sometimes seems like the most offensive thing you can ever say to anyone. Most people love their furry friends, and the minute you dare to say you do not like them, you will most probably get the cold shoulder and get the feeling that people simply do not trust you any more.

But let’s face it, not everyone is a profound animal lover like Nadine Gourkow. Some people simply do not like to go home to immediately discover their couch covered with hair or the feces of an animal on the kitchen floor. Others are simply allergic and though they may want to interact with animals cannot because of their allergic reactions.

There are some reasons as to why someone would not want to have anything to do with animals and we have compiled a list bellow.

Why Would You Not Like Animals?

1.       The humanization of domestic animals. The fact that people now perceive animals to be humans and therefore treat them as such. Some believe that animals are animals and should not be perceived as human beings.

2.       The fact that a person is not permitted to have their own dietary opinion without being scorned at or persecuted. In the event that a person chooses not be vegan because they occasionally like the taste of animal meat they get the impression that they are wicked and inhumane.

3.       The zero toleration to fur around the house and the mess caused by animals.

4.       They do not appreciate the fact that certain dog ownersfeel as though they have the right to let their dog walk around without a leash in the park.

5.       Some people do not hate all animals, they may have a preference for the type of animal that they like or dislike. They feel as though they are scrutinized when they dislike a certain type of animal which is absolutely their right.

6.       Some do not like the fact that they are suddenly and randomly sniffed by a dog while its owner explains to them that they mean them no harm and they are just being curious.

7.       The smell of wet dog can be extremely nauseatic for someone therefore this would be a great reason as to why a person wold not want to own an animal.

8.       Some do not like the fact that they have to pretend to like an animal when speaking with an animal lover. They rather be completely honest and let them know that they do not like animals.

Some of these reasons may seem trivial but to someone they may be important and may be the main reason as to why they do not appreciate animals therefore their reason must be respected.

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